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5 1978 2007 2012 0k 1 of 42 seen today in pr and ndg 10 october 1987 10k 11k 12k 13k 1439 ridge rd 14k 15k 16k 17k 18k 1k 1st fall 1st winter first winter 1st year 20k 21k 22k 23k 24.3k 24k 25.9k 25k 26k 27k 28k 29k 2nd year 3.7km 31k 32k 33k 34k 36.8k 37k 38k 39k 3k 3rd winter third winter 3rd year 4 or 5 years old 40k 4128 ch villeneuve et conc 17 41k 42k 43.8k 43k 44.6k 44.8k 44k 450 conc. 11 alfred 45k 46k 47k 48k 49.5k 49.8k 49k 4k 5 october 1978 50k 51k 52k 53k 54k 55k 56k 57k 58k 59k 5k 60k 61k 62k 63k 64k 65k 66k 67k 68k 69k 6k 70k 71k 72k 7k 8k 988 calypso 9k a light intermediate bird in the cline from white to dark. paler than a grey but darker than darker light. accipitrinae adult adult breeding breeding adult adult non breeding non breeding adult adulte adults aerial display aigle royal aigrette bleue aigrette tricolore ajouter 12 heures erreur alaudidae alder flycatcher empidonax alnorum alfred area alfred bog alfred bog area alfred lagoons alouette hausecol alternate plumage american avocet recurvirostra americana american bittern botaurus lentiginosus american coot fulica americana american crow corvus brachyrhynchos american goldenplover pluvialis dominica american goldfinch carduelis tristis american kestrel falco sparverius american pipit anthus rubescens american redstart sehaga ruticilla american robin turdus migratorius american threetoed woodpecker picoides dorsalis american tree sparrow spizella arborea american wigeon anas americana american woodcock scolopax minor amherst island anatinae andrew haydon parc andrew haydon park anhinga trail anseriformes anserinae apodiformes apple hill on arlequin plongeur at exactly the 44.8 km mark in norway spruce plantation atlantic puffin fratercula arctica au bout de rue scrivens august 22 auks murres puffins alcidae ault island rd autour des palombes aves avoca avocette d'amérique aylmer backyard baie de l'orignal baie lochaber baiedufebvre qc baird's sandpiper calidris bairdii balbuzard pêcheur bald eagle haliaeetus leucocephalus baltimore oriole icterus galbula band on leg banded bangs road bank swallow riparia riparia barbed wire fence barbotte barge hudsonienne barge marbrée barn barn owl tyto alba barn swallow hirundo rustica barnacle goose branta leucopsis barnowls tytonidae barred owl strix varia barrow's goldeneye bucephala islandica bate island baybreasted warbler dendroica castanea beak bill beaver house beaver hut beccroisé bifascié beccroisé des sapins belted kingfisher megaceryle alcyon bernache cravant bernache de hutchins bernache du canada bernache nonette berries bertrand rd big creek near holiday beach conservation area bihoreau gris bill walker bird house bird island tours birds of north america birds of texas trip bitternut hickory black and black scoter melanitta nigra black spruce black tern chlidonias niger black vulture coragyps atratus blackandwhite warbler mniotilta varia blackbacked woodpecker picoides arcticus blackbellied plover pluvialis squatarola blackbilled cuckoo coccyzus erythropthalmus blackburnian warbler dendroica fusca blackcapped chickadee poecile atricapillus blackcrowned nightheron nycticorax nycticorax blackheaded gull chroicocephalus ridibundus blacklegged kittiwake rissa tridactyla blackpoll warbler dendroica striata blackthroated blue warbler dendroica caerulescens blackthroated green warbler dendroica virens blog blue blue jay cyanocitta cristata bluegray gnatcatcher polioptila caerulea blueheaded vireo vireo solitarius bluewinged teal anas discors bluewinged warbler vermivora pinus boardwalk boat launch bobolink dolichonyx oryzivorus bohemian waxwing bombycilla garrulus bolivar flats bombycillidae bonaparte's gull chroicocephalus philadelphia bonaparte's gulls flying boreal chickadee poecile hudsonica boreal owl aegolius funereus bourget area boynton beach branch brant bernache branta bernicla breeding adult adult breeding breeding pair breeding plumage breedingplumaged breedingplumaged breeding plumage brinson park britannia britannia conservation area broadwinged hawk buteo platypterus brown creeper certhia americana brown thrasher toxostoma rufum brownheaded cowbird molothrus ater bruant chanteur bruant de le conte bruant de lincoln bruant de nelson bruant des champs bruant des marais bruant des plaines bruant des prés bruant familier bruant fauve bruant hudsonien bruant sauterelle bruant vespéral bruant à couronne blanche bruant à gorge blanche buckthorn shrub buds buffbreasted sandpiper tryngites subruficollis bufflehead bucephala albeola bullhead buntings sparrows seedeaters emberizidae busard saintmartin buse pattue buse à queue rousse buse à épaulettes butor d'amérique bécasse d'amérique bécasseau de baird bécasseau maubèche bécasseau minuscule bécasseau roussaâtre bécasseau sanderling bécasseau semipalmé bécasseau variable bécasseau à croupion blanc bécasseau à poitrine cendrée bécasseau à échasses bécassin roux bécassin à long bec bécassine de wilson cackling goose branta hutchinsii caledonia rd calypso rd canada goose canada goose branta canadensis canada warbler wilsonia canadensis canadian raptor conservancy of canada canard branchu canard chipeau canard colvert canard d'amérique canard pilet canard siffleur canard souchet canoe creek rd canvasback aythya valisineria cape breton island ns cape may warbler dendroica tigrina caprimulgiformes caprimulginae captive captive birds captivity cardinal rouge cardinal à poitrine rose cardinalidae carduelinae carion carolina wren thryothorus ludovicianus carouge à tête jaune carouge à épaulettes carrion carrying fish carrying food carrying nest material carrying prey caryer caryer cordiforme caspian tern hydroprogne caspia casselman casselman lagoons casselmanlarose forest catching catching fish caterpillar cattails cattle egret bubulcus ibis cavity tree cbc cdc cdlo cdsi cedar waxwing bombycilla cedrorum cemetery certhiinae cerylinae ch. young settlement chaeturinae chalet de marc chambly qc charadriiformes charadriinae chardonneret jaune charlie's pasture at port a charlottenburg park charogne chase chasing chemin janelle chemin scotch cherry tree chestnutsided warbler dendroica pensylvanica chevalier grivelé chevalier semipalmé chevalier solitaire chez maurice et lise landry chickadees paridae chimney swift chaetura pelagica chipping sparrow spizella passerina chordeilinae chouette lapone chouette rayée chouette épervière chris michener christeen chrysler dam falls church ledge ciconiiformes clarence point claws claycolored sparrow spizella pallida cleaning cliff swallow petrochelidon pyrrhonota clo. closeup cobden coin sterose et conc. 16 colibri à gorge rubis collection colony colour leg bands columbiformes combattant varié common gallinule gallinula chloropus common goldeneye bucephala clangula common grackle quiscalus quiscula common loon gavia immer common merganser mergus merganser common moorhen gallinula chloropus common murre uria aalge common nighthawk chordeiles minor common raven corvus corax common redpoll carduelis flammea common tern sterna hirundo common yellowthroat geothlypis trichas con 19 conc 6 stisidore conc. 6 conc. 8 concession 2 concession 21 concession 6 cone cones confederation park connecticut warbler oporornis agilis cooling cooper marsh cooper's hawk accipiter cooperii copulating coraciiformes cormoran à aigrettes cormorants shags phalacrocoracidae corneille d'amérique cornwall cornwall area coulicou à bec noir courlis corlieu cqlo crab apple crabapple creepers certhiidae crows jays magpies corvidae crécerelle d'amérique csi cty 10 cuckoos cuculidae cuculiformes cuculinae curran cygne siffleur cygne trompette cygne tuberculé danielle bouvier dardperche darkeyed junco junco hyemalis dead dead tree deep river defrid delivering prey delray beach dendrocygninae dendroygne fauve dindon sauvage diving in snow doublecrested cormorant phalacrocorax auritus downy woodpecker picoides pubescens downy young drinking in flight ducks geese waterfowl anatidae duckweed lemna sp dunedin dunedin causeway dunlin calidris alpina durbec des sapins eardleymasham rd eared grebe podiceps nigricollis earth worm east hawkesbury eastern bluebird sialia sialis eastern kingbird tyrannus tyrannus eastern meadowlark sturnella magna eastern phoebe sayornis phoebe eastern race eastern redcedar eastern screechowl megascops asio eastern towhee pipilo erythrophthalmus eastern woodpewee conus virens eating eating prey eclipse plumage eco pond ecomuseum effraie des clochers eider à tête grise embrun lagoons en route to port a engoulevent d'amérique et 69k eurasian wigeon anas penelope european mountain ash european starling sturnus vulgaris evening grosbeak coccothraustes vespertinus everglades national park exilipes subspecies falconiformes falconinae falcons caracaras falconidae fall plumage family farran park lngleside faucon gerfaut faucon pèlerin faucon émerillion feeder feeding feeding young feet female female plumaged fence post field field sparrow spizella pusilla first fall first spring first summer 1st summer first winter 1st winter fish fish hook fish in beak fishing flamingo commercial area flapping wings fledged fletcher wildlife garden fleur rouge flock florida fluvicolinae flycatching flying food forced road fort erie on forêt larose fouilleroche foulque d'amérique found by bill walker found on dec 1985 fournier fox sparrow passerella iliaca frayed tail tip freezing rain from side of road 9336 from slide film frost fruit fruits fuligule milouinan fuligule à collier fuligule à dos blanc fuligule à tête rouge full moon fulton area fulvous whistlingduck dendrocygna bicolor gadwall anas strepera galliformes gallinule pouled'eau garrot d'islande garrot à oeil d'or gatineau gatineau park gaviiformes geai bleu gemma genévrier de virginie geranium pelargonium sp glaucous gull larus hyperboreus glengary county glossy ibis plegadis falcinellus goglu des prés golden eagle aquila chrysaetos goldencrowned kinglet regulus satrapa goldenwinged warbler vermivora chrysoptera goéland arctique goéland argenté goéland bourgmestre goéland brun goéland de thayer goéland marin goéland à bec cerclé goélands gps gps settings grand chevalier grand corbeau grand duc d'amérique grand harle grand héron grand pic grande aigrette grass grasshopper grasshopper sparrow ammodramus savannarum gravel gravel road gray birch gray catbird dumetella carolinensis gray jay perisoreus canadensis gray partridge perdix perdix graycheeked thrush catharus minimus great blackbacked gull larus marinu great blackbacked gull larus marinus great blue heron ardea herodias great crested flycatcher myiarchus crinitus great egret ardea alba great gray owl strix nebulosa great horned owl bubo virginianus greater scaup aythya marila greater whitefronted goose anser albifrons greater yellowlegs tringa melanoleuca grebes podicipedidae green cay nature centre and wetlands green heron butorides virescens green morph greenwinged teal anas crec greenwinged teal anas crecca grenville qc grey form grimpereau brun grive des bois grive fauve grive solitaire grive à collier grive à dos olive grive à joue grise grooming grosbec errant grue du canada gruiformes grèbe esclavon grèbe jougris grèbe à bec bigarré grèbe à cou noir guelph guifette noire guillemot de brünnich guillemot marmette guindon park gulls laridae gyrfalcon faucon falco rusticolus gélinotte huppée habitat hairy woodpecker picoides villosus hans harassed by eaki harassed by rwbl harelde kakawi harfang des neiges harle couronné harle huppé harlequin duck histrionicus histrionicus hawkesbury hawkesbury area hawkesbury on hawks eagles kites accipitridae hay field he's not here restaurant head head shot headshot held by bruce di labio hermit thrush catharus guttatus herons egrets bitterns ardeidae herring gull larus argentatus hibou des marais hibou moyenduc high falls highbush cranberries hilda road hillman marsh hirondelle bicolore hirondelle de rivage hirondelle noire hirondelle rustique hirondelle à ailes hérissées hirondelle à front blanc hirundininae hiver hoary redpoll carduelis hornemanni hollow tree honeymonn island state park hooded merganser lophodytes cucullatus hook and line horned grebe podiceps auritus horned lark eremophila alpestris hornemanni subspecies house finch carpodacus mexicanus house sparrow passer domesticus house wren troglodytes aedon hudsonian godwit limosa haemastica hummingbirds trochilidae hunting hydro pole héron gardeboeufs héron vert ibis blanc ibis falcinelle ibises spoonbills threskiornithidae ice iceland gull larus glaucoides ile bizard qc ile du fer à cheval immature immature juvenile in stable in talons in tree indian creek road indian point indigo bunting passerina cyanea ingleside injured insect inside dump interaction international ploughing match in chuteàblondeau iroquoi locks iroquois lock iroquois locks j rochon jack pine jack pine trail jacques bouvier jardin botanique de montréal jaseur boréal jaseur d'amérique jeanjacques july junco ardoisé juniper juvenal plumage juvenile juvenile immature juvenile male immature juvenile or adult female k29 k39 k39.5 killdeer pluvier charadrius vociferus king eider somateria spectabilis kingfishers alcedinidae kinglets regulidae kissimmee area kraft lagoons l'orignal labrador lac ramsay laflèche dump road laflèche road laggan lagune d'alfred lagune de casselman lakeview marsh in cornwall landing lapland longspur calcarius lapponicus larch laridae larinae larose forest laughing gull leucophaeus atricilla le 13 oct pas le 12 oct le conte's sparrow ammodramus leconteii leaf least bittern ixobrychus exilis least flycatcher empidonax minimus least sandpiper least sandpiper calidris minutilla lefaivre leg band lesser blackbacked gull larus fuscus lesser scaup aythya affinis lesser yellowlegs tringa flavipes lichen lichens light morph limoges lincoln's sparrow melospiza lincolnii little blue heron egretta caerulea little gull hydrocoloeus minutus llllll lobed toes locq logan loggerhead shrike lanius ludovicianus logperch lombrics long sault bridge long sault parkway longbilled dowitcher limnodromus scolopaceus longeared owl asio otus longtailed duck clangula hyemalis loons gaviidae lower rio grande valley macreuse brune macreuse noire macreuse à front blanc magnolia warbler dendroica magnolia maison male mallard anas platyrhynchos mammal mammifère manderly map mapi marbled godwit limosa fedoa march 1979 marina marina 200 marouette de caroline marsh wren cistothorus palustris martinet ramoneur martinpêcheur d'amérique masaïcultures internationales montréal masson maubèche des champs maxville lagoons meadow vole melanitta nigra meleagridinae mer bleue bog merle d'amérique merlebleu de l'est merlin faucon falco columbarius merritt island nwr mobbing mockingbirds thrashers mimidae moineau domestique molting montebello montebello qc moon moose creek moose creek dump area moqueur chat moqueur polyglotte moqueur roux most likely a male moucherolle des aulnes moucherolle des saules moucherolle phébi moucherolle tchébec moucherolle à côtés olive moucherolle à ventre jaune mouette atricille mouette de bonaparte mouette de sabine mouette pygmée mouette rieuse mouette tridactyle moulinette island moulting mountain ash mourning dove zenaida macroura mourning warbler oporornis philadelphia mouth mouth open mud lake mullein muskrat muskrat lake mute swan cygnus olor mésange bicolore mésange à tête brune mésange à tête noire mésangeai du canada nashville warbler vermivora ruficapilla navan ne near church near kilometre marker 44 near schefferville nelson's sparrow ammodramus nelsoni nest nest box nest building nest platform nest site nesting nestllings new world vultures cathartidae new world warblers parulidae new zeal wrens acanthisittidae niagara area niagara falls niagara falls gorge niagara river nid nightjars caprimulgidae nine mile pond non breeding non breeding adult adult non breeding non breeding plumage north american birds north carolina northern cardinal cardinalis cardinalis northern flicker colaptes auratus northern goshawk accipiter gentilis northern harrier circus cyaneus northern hawk owl surnia ulula northern mockingbird mimus polyglottos northern parula parula americana northern pintail anas acuta northern race northern roughwinged swallow stelgidopteryx serripennis northern sawwhet owl aegolius acadicus northern shoveler anas clypeata northern shrike lanius excubitor northern waterthrush seiurus noveboracensis northern wheatear oenanthe oenanthe notre dame du laus qc nyctale de tengmalm oie de ross oie des neiges oie rieuse old world sparrows passeridae olivesided flycatcher conus cooperi on camera on cattail on ground on nest open wings or adult female or adult female nonbreeding orangecrowned warbler vermivora celata orchard oriole icterus spurius oregon subspecies oriole de baltimore oriole des vergers osprey balbuzard pandion haliaetus ottawa ottawa river outaouais ovenbird seiurus aurocapilla ovenbirds woodcreepers furnariidae owls strigidae p r recreational trail palm warbler dendroica palmarum pandioninae paradise pond parc parc gatineau parc voyageur parking 9 paruline bleue paruline couronnée paruline des pins paruline des ruisseaux paruline du canada paruline flamboyante paruline jaune paruline masquée paruline noir et blanc paruline obscure paruline rayée paruline tigrée paruline triste paruline verdâtre paruline vermivore paruline à ailes bleues paruline à ailes dorées paruline à calotte noire paruline à collier paruline à couronne rousse paruline à croupion jaune paruline à flancs marron paruline à gorge grise paruline à gorge jaune paruline à gorge noire paruline à gorge orangée paruline à joues grises paruline à poitrine baie paruline à tête cendrée passeriformes passerin indigo path to tower peat moss road pectoral sandpiper calidris melanotos pelecaniformes pellet perched in tree perdrix grise peregrine falcon falco peregrinus persuing prey petit blongios petit chevalier petit fuligule petit garrot petitduc maculé petite buse petite nyctale petrie island peuplier fauxtremble phalarope de wilson phalarope à bec large phalarope à bec étroit phalaropodinae phasianinae philadelphia vireo vireo philadelphicus pic chevelu pic flamboyant pic maculé pic mineur pic à dos noir pic à dos rayé pic à tête rouge pic à ventre roux piciformes picinae pickerelweed piedbilled grebe podilymbus podiceps piegrièche grise piegrièche migratrice pigeon biset pigeons doves columbidae pileated woodpecker dryocopus pileatus pin rouge pine grosbeak pinicola enucleator pine siskin carduelis pinus pine warbler dendroica pinus pioui de l'est piping plover charadrius melodus pipit d'amérique piranga vermillon piranga écarlate plaisance plantagenet plectrophane des neiges plectrophane lapon plongeon catmarin plongeon huard plovers lapwings charadriidae ploverslapwings charadriidae plumage plunging for food pluvier argenté pluvier bronzé pluvier kildir pluvier semipalmé pluvier siffleur podicipediformes point pelee np pointe pelee np pointe pelée 12 mai 2013 pole polioptilinae pontédérie cordée poplar poplar tree port aransas portrait possible greater subspecies preening presc presqu'ile pp brighton on prey prey 1 prey 2 près de campbell près de montebello purple finch carpodacus purpureus purple martin progne subis pussy willow pygargue à tête blanche pélican d'amérique pétrie island qc qcdloq qcsi qloc quai quai de grenville quarry quebec quiscale bronzé quiscale rouilleux québec rails gallinules coots rallidae rainy river rapibus 8 rapids rare rare in winter rat musqué rawcliffedina ready to leave red crossbill loxia curvirostra red flower red fruit feeding red fruits red in crown red knot calidris canutus red phalarope phalaropus fulicarius red pine redbellied woodpecker melanerpes carolinus redbreasted merganser mergus serrator redbreasted mergansers redbreasted nuthatch sitta canadensis redeyed vireo vireo olivaceus redhead fuligule aythya americana redheaded woodpecker melanerpes erythrocephalus rednecked grebe podiceps grisegena rednecked phalarope phalaropus lobatus redshouldered hawk buteo lineatus redtailed hawk buteo jamaicensis redthroated loon gavia stellata redwinged blackbird agelaius phoeniceus reflection in water regurgitating riceville richmond dr. richmond dr. wetlands rideau river ringbilled gull larus delawarensis ringnecked duck aythya collaris riverside heights snc riviera subdivision rivière des outaouais rock pigeon columba livia rockland rockport texas rodent roitelet à couronne dorée roitelet à couronne rubis rondeau pp roosting in trees rosebreasted grosbeak cardinal pheucticus ludovicianus roselin familier roselin pourpré ross's goose chen rossii rouge roughlegged hawk buteo lagopus rubycrowned kinglet regulus calendula rubythroated hummingbird archilochus colubris ruddy duck oxyura jamaicensis ruddy turnstone arenaria interpres rue éliza ruff philomachus pugnax ruffed grouse bonasa umbellus ruisseau leamy russell russell dump russell lagoons rusty blackbird euphagus carolinus râle de virginie saa sabine's gull xema sabini sainteannedebellevue sanderling calidris alba sandhill crane sarcelle d'hiver sarcelle à ailes bleues saskatchewan savannah sparrow passerculus sandwichensis scanned negatives scanned slide scanned slides scarlet tanager piranga olivacea schefferville schefferville qc scissortailed flycatcher tyrannus forficatus scolopacinae scotch road screech owl second summer second winter 2nd winter sedge wren cistothorus platensis seed cones semipalmated plover charadrius semipalmatus semipalmated sandpiper calidris pusilla seven hills rd sharpshinned hawk accipiter striatus shirley's bay shorebird nesting habitat shorebirds shortbilled dowitcher limnodromus griseus shorteared owl asio flammeus shrikes laniidae sic silhouette singing siskins crossbills fringillidae sittelle à poitrine blanche sittelle à poitrine rousse sittinae sizerin blanchâtre sizerin flammé skimming water surface snag snow snow bunting plectrophenax nivalis snow goose chen caerulescens snow storm snowing snowy owl bubo scandiacus sod field solitary sandpiper tringa solitaria song sparrow melospiza melodia songbird 4 songbirds 1 songbirds 2 songbirds 3 songbirds 4 songbirds 5 sora marouette porzana carolina south of alfred bog south of vankleek hill soya spipers scolopacidae splashing spotted sandpiper actitis macularius spruce tree st. jean sur le richelieu st. lawrence river staghorn sumac stalbert lagoons standing stardale road starlings sturnidae stbernardin stcloud stecatherine road sterne caspienne sterne pierregarin sterninae sterose steugène on stick stick nest stilt sandpiper calidris himanus stilts avocets recurvirostridae stisidore stisidore lagoons stony swamp stratacona park strigiformes sturnelle des prés suet sumac vinaigrier sumach sumach vinaigrier summer tanager piranga rubra summerstown summerstown area summerstown public forest sunrise sunset surf scoter melanitta perspicillata swainson's thrush catharus ustulatus swallows hirundinidae swamp sparrow melospiza georgiana swifts apodidae swimming sylvan heights n. c. in usa tadoussac taking off take off takeoff talons tamarack tan stripe tanagers thraupidae tarin des pins tennessee warbler vermivora peregrina tetraoninae texas texas 2012 thayer's gull larus thayeri thickbilled murre uria lomvia thistle three lakes wma threskiornithinae thrushes turdidae thuya de l'est tohi à flanc roux toothpick tournepierre à collier tourterelle triste tower traquet motteux tree tree cavity tree swallow tachycineta bicolor trembling aspen tricolored heron egretta tricolor trochilinae troghlodyte des forêts troglodyte de caroline troglodyte des marais troglodyte familier troglodyte à bec court troupials icteridae trumpeter swan cygnus buccinator tufted titmouse baeolophus bicolor tundra swan cygnus columbianus tundrius race turkey vulture cathartes aura turkeys phasianidae type à tête noire tyran de l'ouest tyran huppé tyran tritri tyran à longue queue tyranninae tyrant flycatchers tyrannidae underwater upland birds upland game upland sandpiper bartramia longicauda upper canada bird sanctuary urubu noir urubu à tête rouge vacher à tête brune vankleek hill varied thrush ixoreus naevius vd ve veery verglas vers de terre vesper sparrow pooecetes gramineus view of back village vireos vireonidae virginia rail rallus limicola viréo aux yeux rouges viréo de philadelphie viréo mélodieux viréo à gorge jaune viréo à tête bleue voyageur provincial park wading wagtails pipits motacillidae wakodahatchee wetlands warbling vireo vireo gilvus water water street waterbirds 1s waterbirds 1s white pelican waterbirds 2f waterbirds 2w waterbirds 3 waterbirds 3w waterfowl weavers ploceidae wendover west lake western kingbird tyrannus verticalis western race westmeath on wheatley harbour whimbrel courlis numenius phaeopus whippoorwill engoulevent caprimulgus vociferus white white cedar white ibis eudocimus albus white morph white spruce white stripe whitebreasted nuthatch sitta carolinensis whitecrowned sparrow zonotrichia leucophrys whiterumped sandpiper calidris fuscicollis whitethroated sparrow zonotrichia albicollis whitewinged crossbill loxia leucoptera whitewinged scoter melanitta fusca wild turkey meleagris gallopavo willet chevalier tringa semipalmata willow willow flycatcher empidonax traillii wilson's phalarope phalaropus tricolor wilson's snipe gallinago delicata wilson's warbler wilson's warbler wilsonia pusilla wings open winter winter plumage winterplumaged winter wren troglodytes troglodytes winterberry winterplumaged winter plumaged wire fence with fish with grub with other ducks with prey witless bay ecological reserve nl witless bay nl wood duck aix sponsa wood thrush hylocichla mustelina woodpeckers picidae wormeating warbler helmitheros vermivorum wrens troglodytidae yellow flower yellow warbler dendroica petechia yellowbellied flycatcher empidonax flaviventris yellowbellied sapsucker sphyrapicus varius yellowbilled cuckoo coccyzus americanus yellowheaded blackbird xanthocephalus xanthocephalus yellowrumped warbler dendroica coronata yellowthroated vireo vireo flavifrons yellowthroated warbler dendroica dominica young épervier brun épervier de cooper épinette blanche érismature rousse étourneau sansonnet été 2001
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